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George Lisle

lead guitar / backing vocals


George has been playing the guitar since the 60's with bands like The Henchman (surfin' music), Danny and the Twisters (oldies), Chasin' Time (blues), and Professional Confusion (originals).  George has now come full circle musically by joining STRATA.

Bud Carlson

lead vocals / percussion


Bud came from a singing and dancing family. His three older sisters were always singing and harmonizing at family events and the seeds were deeply planted. Early on he played drums in a garage band and also took guitar lessons. Although he is currently the lead singer for STRATA, he has always had a natural gift for harmony and background vocals. His early influences included the oldies bands and main stream bands such as the Beatles, the Monkees, and Chicago just to name a few. Later 70’s rock became his passion. His public performances began with contemporary Christian music in church in the 80’s and eventually he was reunited with his roots when he joined STRATA.

Tony Carlson

bass guitar


Tony started out young by banging on pots, pans and buckets to the local oldies radio station. Music was always a very important element in his life. He has played a number of instruments over the years, but oldies and classic rock have remained among his favorite genres of music. Having started out on bass guitar at age 14, he is thrilled now to be laying down the bass lines for STRATA and playing the music he has always loved. He may not be as old as the songs he plays, but he strives to play them with the same feeling and intensity as the musicians who first played them.

Tony Heredia

drums / backing vocals


Tony grew up on a steady diet of 90’s Alternative Rock and Grunge, but at the end of the day, he just loves to play. In college, he played with bands that shared the stage with nationally recognized and touring Indie rock bands. More recently, he has backed bands of all different styles: Big Band/Swing, Alternative, Funk, Soul, Pop, and now, STRATA! Tony took a shine to learning the drums at age 12 and taught himself how to harmonize vocals, in addition to playing a little guitar and bass. He ultimately stuck with the drums and is perfectly content with laying down the groove and hanging in the background.

Alex Falls

keys / backing vocals


Alex grew up in a musical family; his parents signed him up for piano lessons at a young age to learn classical music, but he dreamed of playing rock and roll. He followed his dreams and studied Commercial Music at Millikin University and Jazz at UIUC, playing and singing in the recording studio and jazz clubs every chance he got. Today Alex works as a worship director and music educator, and he hopes to add his own brand of soul to STRATA.

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